Why is the JAMstack a good solution for such an announcement page?

In the current public health crisis, existing content management systems (CMSes) can easily
be overloaded and slow when lots of visitors continuously reload your website.

Ease of production and reliability. JAMstack websites go up quickly, and they scale with your project as it grows. They’re also reliable — even in these troubled times. Content and websites are only updated when you make changes, and then stored in global content delivery networks (CDN) for distribution. You can rest assured that your critical content is delivered.

Can I customize this to my needs?

Yes, you can use the template as is, or customize it so that it works best for you. If you do customize the template, it would be helpful for others if you share it with the community on GitHub.

Please note that Contentful, Gatsby and Netlify only provide the template and hosting. We can’t do custom development for users.

Can I use this without any development resources?

Although this customizable template makes building a website far more quickly, it’s still best to have a developer set it up. Don’t have a developer on hand? You can request help from our volunteer network of developers and agencies.

Request an upgrade to a larger pro-bono account

If your Stop the Spread site outgrows the limits of the Micro space, email moc.luftnetnoc@troppus with the subject line “stop the spread space limit," a link to your site and your organization name and ID.

To find your organization name and ID, go to the web app and click the Contentful logo in the top left corner. Click through "Organization settings" to "Organization information." Make sure you have the correct organization selected from the drop-down menu in the sidebar.

Can I also upgrade my Netlify account?

Yes. Netlify will also upgrade your account if requested. You can do so by applying at the following link

I like this project. How can I help?

Not all organizations have access to developers. If you’re willing to be a hero and support those organizations, please add your name to our volunteer network or search through organizations requesting help. We’ll connect you with requests as they’re received.

We also need help solving open issues in GitHub.

Where can I report issues or submit feature requests?

Please report any issues and submit feature requests through GitHub issues.